More housekeeping!

You might already follow me on Facebook. I have an author page that has been connected to this account, which shares all of my writing-related endeavors.

However, now that I’m taking KarmaStar Tarot beyond just blogging and to a more ‘shop’-oriented focus (don’t worry, there is still going to be pleanty of non-shop-oriented content, in fact, the exact same amount), I felt it was time to create a different Facebook Page for this account.

Thus, if you would like to follow me on Facebook, my Page is KarmaStar Tarot

If you haven’t been following me but you’re interested in my author page, that is Author N J Thompson

Thank you so much for your support so far. I have really appreciated the response I’ve gained from this website. It’s really been thrilling and meaningful.

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KarmaStar Tarot

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