Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde Spread

Yesterday afternoon, Saturn went stationary, preparing to move into retrograde while in the position of Cancer.

Saturn is the planet of rules and authority, while Capricorn is a the sign of the climber, the goat, assisting in energies of determination.

As Saturn goes into retrograde, our forward goat momentum dissipates, and we need to spend time reflecting backward on how we got to where we are. This is a time to look at wounds that need to be addressed, and how we can call on our own self-reliance.

Saturn is also the planet of Karma, and thus, while it is stationary, we can reflect on how we can bring about righting karmic debts and generating positive karma in the meantime.

This is a time to consider letting go of bad habits that lead to procrastination, or the habit of procrastination itself. Saturn is the planet of discipline, and as such, it’s retrograde motion will loosen that grip, which means we need to work to pick up Saturn’s slack.

So, I’ve created a spread to help guide you through this retrograde time.

The Spread

Card 1: Wound

Card 1 represents the old wound you need to work on during this period. This might be letting go of a hurt, this might be learning to forgive yourself or someone else, or asking yourself why it is still manifesting itself in your world.

Card 2: Assistance

Card 2 represents the assistance you need to heal your wound.

Card 3: Karmic Debt

Card 3 is a past karmic debt that must be worked on.

Card 4: Assistance

Card 4 represents how you can work on this karmic debt to transfer it into positive karma.

Card 5: Positive Karma

This card represents the positive Karma coming your way. This is something that you’ve proven yourself worthy of, and should be the thing you get most excited about in this spread. This is your gift.

Card 6: Mentality

Card 6 represents your mental state. This is a time when past and current thoughts that are destructive can come into play, and thus, you need to be able to evaluate your current mental state and prepare yourself to block any negativity your thoughts might bring forth.

Card 7: Self-Care

Card 7 is the self-care area you’ll need to focus on during the Saturn Retrograde in Capricorn. Remember to give yourself love.

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