Day 30 of the 30-Day Tarot Writing Challenge

This is it! The last day of Camp NaNoWriMo and of the 30-Day Tarot Writing Challenge! If you’ve gotten this far—you’ve done really well. If you haven’t, that’s alright.

Writing a novel is hard, and that’s why there are challenges like this to help spur you along and inspire you. But life happens, and part of life is creative blocks, time constraints, commitment constraints and so on.

Don’t be too hard on yourself—at least you tried, which is more than a lot of people can say.

Today we come to the end of the challenge, and for many of us who have gotten this far, the end of our story.

So what makes a good ending?

Unfortunately, a good ending can’t be written about at the end. It has to be pre-rpgorammed throughout the whole story. Sure, if you’re a discovery writer, you might have your end decided upon as you get to it, but it does mean you have your work cut out for you in the editing process.

Even surprise endings must have clues that drop even tiny hints throughout the story that the surprise was inevitable.

Spoiler ALERT (Skip through this paragraph if you don’t want spoiler to The Usual Suspects)

In The Usual Suspects, once we find out ‘who dun it,’ we can find the clues (I can’t remember if the movie explicitly shows the clues or not) throughout the movie which point to him. So, while we may not have seen it coming, it makes sense and you have that ‘ohhhh’ moment.

In this spread we’re going to review the story and make sure it ties in.

The Spread

Step 1

To do this, go back to the 3-Act life for your MC from Day 4, and just reflect on the results of your spread.

Not everyone is going to use all the aspects presented in this spread in their story. For example, your story might be purely Action/Adventure, and not contain any romance at all in it, and thus you don’t need to consider the love-life aspect of the reading. Or it might be a story about a Lanister, and thus you don’t really need to consider the money aspect (well you could, but I won’t get into that here for the non-GoT fans reading this).

Step 2

Take the Act III cards and lay them out vertically to the right.

Step 3

Fan out the remaining cards in front of you, face down. Focus on each of the signifiers, one at a time, and pull two cards from the fanned-out cards for each signifier.

Step 4

Put the two cards before the signifier. These cards are going to represent the internal and external factors or events that lead up to the Act III signifier as an outcome.

These cards are not spread throughout the story, but specifically within the last part of the story, taking place no sooner than the Climax.


  1. It’s best to do this one at a time. Focus on the Love signifier, pull two cards, interpret, and then move on to the next signifier.
  2. While the internal and external events/factors aren’t meant to ‘take place’ before the Climax, there will have to be necessary build-up throughout the story for these factors to make sense. This of course can be done in the editing process.


And that’s it. I really hope that you’ve enjoyed this challenge. I would love to know how your pieces developed and what was helpful and what was just gibberish.

Likewise, once you get through the editing process, please note that I love to beta read, so please keep me in mind!

Thank you so much for participating through this journey!

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