Weekend Writing Prompt: Divine Debate

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This is just the basic 2-Card Writing Prompt today, using a starting situation for Card 1 and a problem, which is Card 2.

If you’re here for the first time, I usually do what is called the First Operation to determine the context or theme of the story prompt. There are 4 realms that it can fall under, each corresponding with one of the elements/suits in tarot. I do a bit of explanation of what the cards mean, but if you’d like to just skip to the writing prompt, it’s down at the bottom.

Today I’m choosing the Ace of Wands, as it’s the card of ideas called into action. It’s the Minor Arcana version of the Magician, in my opinion. And if not ideas called into action, what is writing?

First Operation

When I do the First Operation, I shuffle the and divide them into four piles. I then look through each pile to determine where my signifier is. In this case, I found theAce of Wands in the third pile, the pile of Air, which has to do with community, education, and law. This will be the theme or realm in which the Writing Prompt takes place.

The Spread

After finding the signifier, I put all the cards back together, shuffle them, then divide into four piles again, taking two cards from the third pile.

A card jumped out while I was shuffling, which I’ve put to one side. You are more than welcome to interpret it yourself and incorporate it in with your writing prompt. It is the Knight of Swords.

Card 1: II High Priestess

The High priestess represents the feminine counterpart to the Magician. While the Magician calls for manifestation of the ideas through action, the High Priestess reminds us to listen to our intuition, to our subconscious, to dreams, and to our gut. She is a reminder to let ourselves be guided not just by logic and the material world, but by the inner voice.

Sometimes in readings she is used as a signifier for women, while the Magician is used as a signifier for men. She can represent an intuitive woman who might be a little dreamy and out there, but at the end of the day can know what’s going on better than most.

Card 2: 5 of Pentacles

The 5 of Pentacles shows two people, generally one person injured and the other wrapped in a torn shawl with the implication of sickliness. They make their way through the snow. Above them is a church window.

The implication of this card is a low point in one’s life, and that if these two down-trodden figures in the card were to have faith, or look up, they would see that there is sanctuary just next to them. Thus, the message of the card is to have faith, just know that things will get better. There is help available, there is support available, you just have to look up.


3 and 5

2: High Priestess

Usually what I would do is go over the number and the corresponding Major Arcana. However, since the card is the corresponding Major Arcana, I’ll only go over the 2.


The number 2 represents harmony, balance, and unity. It is a duplication of 1, which geometrically represents a point. With two points a line can be made, and thus there can be the knowledge that goes behind creation. Only when two ones work together can a two be made, and thus there is harmony, unity, and balance.

5: Hierophant


Fives are a number of man. Each human has two arms, two legs and a head (five), two eyes, two nostrils and a mouth (five), five senses, five fingers on each hand, five toes on each foot. In the Tarot, the number five corresponds to transition. It is the half way point, and thus, is the divider between the higher and lower lessons of the suit or of that cycle. Thus, the five brings forth discomfort, which can manifest itself in aggression, sadness, hopelessness, or ego. These are all symptoms of discontent, and discontentment urges us to move forward.

The Hierophant

The Hierophant is the corresponding Major Arcana card to the number five. The Hierophant is the guardian to our beliefs, the one who tends the fire of what we honor and know to be true. Likewise, the Hierophant can represent conformity and social acceptance. He is the director of the standard action taken and social approval.

Further Numbers: 7 (2 + 5 = 7)


Sevens represent higher knowledge and learning. It can represent a divine understanding as well, or divine messages. However, when we know something, we may find ourselves in need of taking action with it, and this can manifest itself in strange ways, through confusion, loneliness, aggression, or slyness.

The Chariot

The Chariot corresponds to the sevens in the Major Arcana. The Chariot is classically depicted as a man being pulled forward by a black and a white sphinx. One story behind the Chariot is that the driver represent the Knights Templar after having found the Holy Grail, and thus, with the divine knowledge it’s brought them, they move forward to spread the word.

Thus, the Chariot is an action card, can represent movement and communicating higher ideas.

Writing Prompt

During a church service, a woman followed by several other individuals burst through the door. They say the have been turned away from the church time and time again, despite their need of sanctuary.

  • Why have they been turned away?
  • Why do they need sanctuary?
  • Who is in the right?

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