2 of Swords | Weekly Tarot Card Pt 5: Putting It All Together

This is the fifth and last installment in this Weekly Tarot Card series. The next series will begin on Monday. However, if you’d like to get caught up on the rest of the week, you can use the following links:

After spending time getting to know the 2 of Swords through our own observations and meditations, we began looking at the 2 of Swords in a more ‘universally’ symbolic way, through the numbers, elements and symbols.

Spending time breaking apart the card gives you access to different ways of looking at the card, which will come in handy as it turns up in answer to a variety of questions and a in a variety of positions. Flexibility in understanding is the key to reading Tarot effectively.

Defining the Card

The suit of Swords corresponds to the element of Air, which indicates thinking and communication. The crescent moon in the 2 of Swords reminds us that though the blindfold prevents us from seeing the answer clearly, our intuition has a voice and its own sight.

The 2 is an indication of the duality of the situation, the two options that are to be decided between. Likewise, it’s a reminder of balance. There are two things at play here – thought and communication. Communication can correspond to messages, and thus listening to them. Thus, the 2 takes on another meaning in the 2 of Swords, a balance between thinking and communicating, a balance between communicating and listening.

The 2 of Swords is a blind balance. A figure is in need of putting down the massive swords, but can’t see which one to put down first. Because of the blindfold, she doesn’t know the entirety of her situation, but knows that she must make a decision. The moon calls upon her to use her intuition and to trust herself in knowing what to do. But the pressure of making the wrong decision is causing her turmoil. The grey of the ground and her dress show that it actually doesn’t matter, that no matter what decision she makes, life will move on, it is merely the pressure of having to make the decision that is causing her stress.

The Swords indicate this is an intellectual decision, something that she can only mentally weigh. It is within her to make this decision, no one else, or anything else externally can sway her. The number 2 indicates the balance that is needed.

Divinatory Meaning

The 2 of Swords indicates being held motionless at the hand of indecision. It isn’t an easy choice, but it must be made, and no movement can happen until it is. Be aware of deceptions that might lead you astray.

Keywords: stalemate, difficult decision, stagnation, false information.

The Decks Used

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