Weird Deck Wednesday: Self-Published Decks: B

Last week’s Weird Deck Wednesday focused on Self-Published Decks starting with A. I’m slowly going to make my way through the alphabet (unless some amazing theme for decks comes to mind, in which case I’ll wedge that one in). And just in case you missed the Sesame Street episode on it, the next letter is B. 

BirdQueen Tarot

Image result for images birdqueen tarot

Image result for images birdqueen tarot

The BirdQueen Tarot is a nature-based deck (as in, without people) produced by Gretchen Diehl in 2014.

I personally find this deck really beautiful and appealing, aside from the borders, which are a little too big for my liking.

The cards are so creative, at least in my mind. The 5 of Cups being three living fish focusing on two dead fish I think is really clever. The Princess of Pentaclese is an apple blossom. I love it.

Image result for images birdqueen tarot
Image Credit: Seven Card Spread

The link for purchase on Aeclectic doesn’t work, but after a bit of hunting around I was able to find one that does. The deck is still for sale on for $40

Blue Moon Tarot

I’m a little leery about sharing the Blue Moon Tarot because I don’t know if this is a deck I’ve written about on here before or if I’ve come across it in my general deck lust. My apologies if I’m repeating myself, here.

Image Credit: The Tarot Garden

I personally find this deck somewhat stunning and kind of creepy, but in the right ways. I love that it’s borederless, and that Tempreance kind of looks a little nutty. I love the simplicity but the complexity of the moon.

The artist is Julie Cuccia-Watts. The deck is still available for $55 via her website, New Moon Trading. However, the deck is only Major Arcana.

BlueDogRose Tarot

The BlueDogRose Tarot is simplistic, and I think watercolor. It revolves around domestic animals, which I think would make this a really good deck for people who are a little nervous about tarot and what it may or may not entail. Likewise, it could be a really charming deck for children who can associate the cards with animals they see all the time

Image result for Bluedogrose tarot
Image Credit: Eno’s Tarots

I did see a couple of listings on, though I think they were private sale. Hwever, the deck is available on where more of her tarot decks are available.

If you have any decks you’d like me to post in my Wierd Deck Wednesdays, let me know in the comments! I love discovering decks, and am always willing to have a nosy!

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