Tarot Writing Prompt: A Horrible Walk in the Woods

This is just the basic 2-Card Writing Prompt today, using a starting situation for Card 1 and a problem, which is Card 2.

If you’re here for the first time, I usually do what is called the First Operation to determine the context or theme of the story prompt. There are 4 realms that it can fall under, each corresponding with one of the elements/suits in tarot. I do a bit of explanation of what the cards mean, but if you’d like to just skip to the writing prompt, it’s down at the bottom.

This week I picked the 8 of Pentacles for two reasons:

  1. It represents diligent practice and hard work, and writing is nothing but a constant practice.
  2. I keep pulling this card in readings and I’m tired of it, so this is my excuse to get it out of the deck for at least one reading this week.

First Operationimg_7031.jpg

When I do the First Operation, I shuffle the and divide them into four piles. I then look through each pile to determine where my signifier is. In this case, I found the 8 of Pentacles in the first pile, the pile of Fire which has to do with passion which fuels creativity and in turn, creates. This will be the theme or realm in which the Writing Prompt takes place.

The Spread

After finding the signifier, I put all the cards back together, shuffle them, then divide into four piles again, taking two cards from first pile.

  • Card 1(Situation): Death (reversed)
  • Card 2 (Problem): 7 of Cups

Card 1: Death (reversed)

13 - DeathDeath is a representation of the small things we alter and thus the little deaths we make in our daily lives in order to grow. When we know an aspect of ourselves or our environment is no longer needed, we change them, thus killing the old way or habit and making way for the new. Death is a card of rebirth and making space.

However, this card is reversed. This can indicate a delay, or only small, uninfluential changes. Likewise, it can represent a complete unwillingness to change at all, and thus, can represent stagnation.

Card 2: 7 of Cups

Cups - 7The 7 of Cups is a card of illusion, of uncertainty. Traditionally depicted as an individual looking at 7 Cups from which different things sprout or overflow from, it can represent temptations that waver us from our paths. Likewise, it can be our inability to see the truth. In the Spiral Tarot, the 7 of Cups shows a woman walking in bad weather, with a slow mist hiding the cups from her. The LWB describes the definitions as ‘when the mists clear, you’ll know what to do,’ or something to that effect. The implication here is the inability to see the path and thus the inability to know what’s real or sure footing.


For this spread we have 13/4 from Death and 7 from the 7 of Cups.

13/4 (1 + 3 = 4): Death and the Emperor

Usually I would define the ‘upper’ Major Arcana for the number. But since the Card that 13 corresponds to is Death, which is one of our cards drawn, I’ll refrain and only explain the Emperor.


4 - The EmperorThe 4’s are like building blocks. They are sturdy, and like bricks going into a building, represent the steady incline of growth. There is a patience that is associated with the number 4.


The number 4 corresponds to the Emperor, who represents father figures, strength and stability. The Emperor can also represent authority. The card is a fiery nature, fueled by passion and activity.

7: The Chariot


Sevens correspond to hard work and putting the nose to the grind, and the rewards that come of it. However, when too much work is applied, then problems can arise, as is seen in the 7 of Pentacles, with the individual too obsessed with their work that they lose sight of the goal, or the 7 of Cups when too much emotion is applied and they lose track of reality. It is a number that reminds us to always seek the truth in situations, to meditate, to reflect on spiritual matters, to philosophize, in order to stay on track. It is a number of deep consideration to stay the course.7 - Chariot

The Chariot

The Chariot is sometimes described as the Knights of Templar after having found the Holy Grail. They come forward with divine knowledge and understanding and set forth to spread it across the land. As with the number seven, there is knowledge that comes from personal mediation and understanding, and with this knowledge you take action into the world. The Chariot can indicate action, movement, forward momentum.

Further Numbers: 2 (13 + 7 = 20; 2 + 0 = 2)


The twos represent unity and harmony, balance and duality. They are the first step in creation after the conception of an idea. When considering the number one as a dot, a second dot allows for a line to be drawn. No matter where the second dot is from the first dot, there is always a straight line. The two points represent a unity and harmony in working together, and there is always balance because there are two. The two points are at opposite ends of the line, and thus they represent duality.

2 - The Hight PriestessHigh Priestess

The High Priestess is generally considered as a card of intuition and inner knowledge. It is the Card which calls for passive energy of sitting and listening. She wants us to listen to that which is around us, but also to that which is within us, and that which is above us. It is about making space for our inner voice, developing our intuition, and giving rise to our subconscious so that it can better guide us.

She is the feminine representation of the Magician, who is a card of action. She is the second point, and it is through these two that a balance can be reached and the next stage, creation, can be born.

Writing Prompt

Olivia is in a creative rut. She isn’t doing anything at all with her art, which she quit her job to do. She hears that going for a walk in nature is a good way to bust through creative blocks. She drives out into the plains and finds a National Park where there are no other cars at the trail head. It’s a misty autumn morning, and the sun is nice, the birds are loud, and the mist creates a nice setting for her.

As she meanders on, the mist gets thicker, smothering the sounds of the birds, which she doesn’t really notice because her headphones are in.

The trail stoops down, and takes her into a swamp. She picks there to sit and have a rest, watching the gentle lapping of the stagnant water on the side. After a few minutes, she realizes that the water is stagnant, there shouldn’t be any lapping. It’s then that she notices the bones on the opposite side, trailing from the edge of the water into the green-covered water.

Then there are bubbles.

Things that are dead are not supposed to move.

  1. What is coming back to life?
  2. Is anything coming back to life?
  3. Is she seeing things?
  4. If so, what is causing her to see things?


Writing Prompt - Walk in the Woods

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