Writing Prompt: The Distracted

Note: My applogies. Due to some techinical issues, I’m not able to upload the actual spread for today’s reading. As a result, I’m basically using pictures I already have uploaded to WordPress. I’m so sorry. As a result, the images might not all be from the same deck.

This is just the basic 2-Card Writing Prompt today, using a starting situation for Card 1 and a problem, which is Card 2.

If you’re here for the first time, I usually do what is called the First Operation to determine the context or theme of the story prompt. There are 4 realms that it can fall under, each corresponding with one of the elements/suits in tarot. I do a bit of explanation of what the cards mean, but if you’d like to just skip to the writing prompt, it’s down at the bottom.

For today’s writing prompt, I chose the Fool, who represents an openness to new things. The Fool doesn’t know where their adventure is going to take them, but trusts the journey anyway.

Tarot for Writing

First Operation

When I do the First Operation, I shuffle the and divide them into four piles. I then look through each pile to determine where my signifier is. In this case, I found the Fool in the fourth pile, the pile of earth which has to do with wealth, material possessions, property, and money. This will be the theme or realm in which the Writing Prompt takes place.

The Spread

After finding the signifier, I put all the cards back together, shuffle them, then divide into four piles again, taking two cards from fourth pile.

  • Card 1(Situation): 8 of Pentacles
  • Card 2 (Problem): Ace of CoinsImage result for 8 of pentacles

Card 1: 8 of Pentacles


The 8 of Pentacles shows an individual diligently working away at making pentacles. Each pentacle is a little different from the last, indicating the improvement and alteration between each one made. This is a card of practicing a skill, honing in on it, and relentless persistence toward proficiency.

Card 2: Ace of CupsAquarian Tarot Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups, being an Ace, represents the beginning of something, and being of cups represents emotions, the subconscious and intuition. Thus, the Ace of Cups represents a new love, or a potential of a new love, or the stirrings of emotions.


There is the number 8 for the 8 of Pentacles and the number 1 for the Aces.

8: Strength


8 - StrengthThe number eight has to do with infinity, with a loop, as indicated by its shape. In the tarot, it corresponds to progression and transformation. This number shows the movement from the past to the future, the application of lessons learned to the preparation to move on to the next step. There is a message of success within the meaning of the number in Tarot, and can also represent abundance.


The number 8 corresponds to Strength in the Major Arcana, which also features a figure eight-like shape above her head, which is actually the infinity symbol. She is depicted with a lion in most decks, which she calms not with force, but with compassion and empathy, bringing forth a different type of strength. It is the card which indicates inner motivation and peace that can bring fierceness to its knees. ‘Kill ‘em with kindness’ might be an applicable phrase here.

1: Magician


Aquarian Tarot MagicianWhile the tens indicate the end of a cycle and a graduation, think of the ones as the first day of a new level. This number represents opportunity, new ideas, the start of something. As with the ten which has the implication of beginning, the ones have an implication of something ending. Thus, the phrase, ‘when one door closes, another opens,’ is quite applicable to the number one.


The Magician summarized into one word is ‘manifestation.’ This card represents the idea and the gathering of resources to bring that idea into the physical realm. He has before him the tools that the universe provides, and he has mastered them all. With these tools he can claim, ‘As above, so below,’ reflecting his knowledge of the way of the universe, and the infinite possibilities open as a result of this knowledge. This card indicates a time to put ideas into action, a time to start the project, bring forth the new, start writing the novel, start the business, just start.

Further Numbers: 9 (8 + 1 = 9)


Image result for hermit tarotThe nines are a number that have to do with the last test before the completion of a lesson. It is the last hurtle to see how much you’ve learned during this cycle, and to see whether or not you are worthy to go on to the next round of lessons. In the Cups, the test is whether or not one can discern between material love/contentment or contentment on an emotional level; in the Swords, a person is battling their inner most thinking; the Wands test relinquishing power over a project to let it grow on its own; and the Pentacles tests the willingness to share the fruits of harvest. This number represents goals, and the step just before completion.

The Hermit

The Hermit is the 9th card of the Major Arcana, coming just before the Wheel of Fortune. While the Wheel depicts a time of going with the flow, a change in tides, or simply moving forward and going with whatever is presented, the Hermit is inner reflection in order to prepare for the Wheel. It is reflection on the path so far, in the Fool’s journey, and discovering inner strengths and weaknesses that can be used, developed or shed for the next leg.

Writing Prompt

An intern of sorts is diligently working on their craft. They are known for putting in the extra hours, working by minimal light, getting to the shop early, generally going above and beyond to learn to be the best they can be. They are focused and determined. Until a new interest begins creeping into their sphere.

  • What is the new interest?
  • What is their craft?
  • What is required of them to master their craft?
  • What is the solution to the new interest and their craft?
  • How does this new interest affect their work?

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