Writing Prompt: Character Discussion Spread

Character Discussion Spread

I thought I would create a little bit of a different spread today. I thought I would create a writing prompt in which two people are having a conversation, and you have to write out the conversation based on the cards pulled.

Card 1 is Character 1, Card 2 is Character 2, and Card 3 which crosses them is their conversation topic. To add a little bit more context, I like to throw in the First Operation in the beginning. This is where you pick a signifier card, divide the deck into four piles, then search out your signifier. A very rough summary of how this works, each card corresponds to a different suit/element, and what that suit/element rules over is the domain of the question. However, here’s a fantastic overview on YouTube by Angelo Nasios.

Character Discussion Spread

First Operation

Keeping with the idea of manifestation of a story, I chose the Magician to be the signifier for this round. I performed the first operation and found the Magician in the first pile, the pile of work/wealth. I put all the cards again, divided them into the four piles, and three cards from the first pile.

This pile represents where the heart and passions are. This can sometimes represent business in the sense of making money from a passion. However, it can also be active energy and movement, excitement.

Cards Drawn

  1. The First Character is the Queen of Pentacles
  2. The Second Character is the Princess of Pentacles
  3. The Conversation topic is the 10 of Cups reversed

Character Conversation Spread

Spiral Tarot Queen of PentaclesCard 1: Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles can be seen as a literal person or as a figurative situation. She is the element of Earth and Water, thus she is the representation of grounded emotions. She is steady, though can feel deep. She is passive, a good listener, with sound advice when it is given. She is good with money, responsible, and potentially well off. She can be a good gardener as well.  Her age group might be around the mid 30’s to mid 50’s or so. Her astrological sign will be an Earth sign: Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo.

DpiralCard 2: Prince of Pentacles

This can represent a younger person, perhaps in their first job, or even a child. But it is someone who’s spirit is in the forest, and they believe in forest spirits such as fairies and gnomes. This person is generally depicted as a girl, though can also refer to a boy. She is most likely chatty, and persistent, and also an Earth astrological sign: Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo.


Card 3: 10 of Cups (reversed)

The 10 of Cups is generally seen as a ‘happily ever after’ card, as it signifies contentment on every level. Traditionally, the card is depicted as a presumably married couple and their children, as they raise their hands in gratitude to the rainbow over them and their home. It is a happiness card, a card of family and love.

However, reversed it can be perhaps only a contented state, no home or relationships to be grateful for ate all, or an emotional state that is not a very good one. Or it could be the signal that goodness is on it’s way, but has been delayed.


Note: Not everyone assigns numbers to the Court Cards, but I do by means of carrying on the counting after the 10, making Pages or Princesses 11, Knights 12, Queens 13, and Kings 14. In include the numbers in my Tarot Writing Prompts because sometimes it can give an added element to take the prompt further or to a deeper level.

4 - The Emperor13/4: The Emperor (Fire)


Fours are a number of stability and structure. They are the number of order and authority, and correspond to the Emperor. The Emperor represents just that, though in a masculine, active sort of way. The emperor is full of stable, but fiery energy, an authoritative hand, and strong sway. Likewise, he can also represent father figures.

11/2: The Hight Priestess (Water)


Twos represent balance and harmony. They are the second point that happens, which creates a line, and thus the two points work together to create something. This is the power of the 2. It is a duality of forces mingling together to create.

The High Priestess is a call to look inward, to develop intuition and to listen to the subconscious. She is shrouded in shadow and mystery, only to encourage shining a light on what isn’t readily seen.

Further Numbers: (13 + 11 = 24; 2 + 4=6)

Spiral Tarot The Lovers
Spiral Tarot by Kay Steventon: The Lovers

What the two cards added up to are reduced to and what that number means. In this situation, we have the number 6, The Lovers.


6 is the 2 taken up three notches. Thus, it is not earthly balance, it is not mental balance, but it is a balance in spirituality. From here Compassion is developed, and the ability to know the self through reflection is also apparent.

Six corresponds to the Lovers, which can literally mean lovers or marriage, but can also be a difficult choice that must be made. This choice is a matter of the heart and of ethics, rather than a logical choice.

Writing Prompt

A mother and a daughter (Queen of Pentacles and Princess of Pentacles) are arguing over an ill-ease within the home. Key words in the discussion are ‘Dad’ and ‘Lovers.’

If you’d like more Writing Prompts via the tarot, check out my Writing Promots Page here.

Character Discussion Spread


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