Mother’s Day Empress Spread

3 - The EmpressEmbracing Your Empress

Happy Mother’s Day to you awesome Moms in the UK!

As many can attest, there are so many definitions of ‘mother’, and those who embody the title don’t necessarily represent those who have given birth, but those who have let the nurturing and fertile energy of the Empress shine through them as they support and love those around them.

‘Mother’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘woman’, but rather those who possess and radiate the passive creative energy that inspires the cultivates the fruition through their own personal brand of caring. Some of us are ‘children from another mother’, and know that we can have more than one person that the Empress embodies in our lives, if we are lucky.

Empress Guidance Spread Pinterest

And for those of us who aspire to assuming the roles of ‘mother’, know that there are elements of the Empress in every one of us, regardless of gender. We are a blending masculine and feminine, in our unique concoction within us, all of which is just right for our individuality.

I thought I might provide an Empress-inspired Tarot Spread for just the occasion.

Empress Guidance Spread

  • Card 1: What has the Empress Inspired in You?
    This card is what you’ve learned about your nurturing side, and perhaps what your own mother passed along to you.
  • Card 2: What part of the Empress do others see in you?
    This is your chance to see how you inspire and encourage those around you.
  • Card 3: What do you still have to learn from the Empress?
    We are ever-growing beings, and this is the part of the self where you can direct your own Empress energy.
  • Card 4: What steps do you need to make to keep her shining in you?
    This is where you go next, now you deepen your Empress Self.

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