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This is so annoying!

Mercury Retrograde Strikes!

When I created this blog, I made an Instagram account to go along with it. However, during the set up process, I logged in and it immediately told me that I was going aginst Instagram rules or whatever and locked me out. I had to send them proof of ID, a photo of me holding up a sign with the information they requested–it was ridiculous.

Any way, I finally got it sorted, and then about two weeks ago they locked me out–again! Aparently I’d gone against the rules, which I’m not relaly sure how since all I was doing was posting the same pictures on there as I do here.

Anyway, this time they completely deleted my account. So, KarmaStarReads on Instagram is no more.

Right, so that’s the tangent

The Solution

teacupThe good news is that today I FINALLY got around to creating a new account. So, if you’d like to follow me, please do so! I would love to follow you!

My username is KarmaStarTarot and my Twitter, if you’re into that as well is @astrology_karma (don’t ask, I know I’m tarot focused, but the initial goal was to be both, and tarot wasn’t available).

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