Tarot Writing Prompt: I Get Knocked Down

First Operation

Impressionist Tarot The Magician
Impressionist Tarot: the Magician

For the signifier this week I chose the Magician. Not only is he the icon of manifestation—thus the bringer of imagination forward into the physical realm, but he is also next week’s Weekly Tarot Card.

I divided the four piles and found the Magician in the fourth pile, the Earth pile, the pile of finance, wealth, work, and material things. This will be the theme or the focus of the writing prompt.

Cards Drawn in the Spread

I put all the cards together, shuffled them, and divided them into the four piles again in the same manner of the First Operation, though instead of looking through the pile for cards, I gave the pile a little bit of a shuffle before drawing two cards from the top. Card 1 (Response) was the Knight of Rods (reversed) and Card 2 (Obstacle) was 5 of Swords.

Writing Prompt

Card 1: Knight of Rods (reversed)

Aquarian Tarot Knight of WandsThe Rods, or Wands, are the energetic drive that gets us going. It’s our motivation, our passion, our creativity. When we wake up in the morning and say “I feel awesome today, I’m going to get stuff done,’ that’s Wand energy coming through. It is the fire that burns within us. Knights are also the court-member of fire, and thus, equally have the passion and drive. The Knight of Rods, or Wands, already eager and energetic, is more driven by energy.

However, as the card is reversed, the Knight of Rods could be the complete lack of energy, of uninspiredness. Their flame has gone out, or at least is weakened.

The Knight of Rods might be a very excitable individual, very passionate and creative. They could be starting their own business revolving around their own personal interests. Physically, they might have pale skin and rede or strawberry blond hair. Astrologically, they might be an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. Generally, the knights are younger, 20’s to mid-30’s, though in a profession or creative project, might be older or younger, but represent that just-past-new stage of a project or personal business.

Card 2: 5 of Swords

Aquarian Tarot 5 of SwordsThe Swords are the element of Air. Air has to do with communication, messages, and the intellect. On a deeper level, it can be messages gained from initiation which has elevated the subject to a point in which they can receive divine communication. However, on a more mundane level, it can represent emails, mail, news, gossip, chatter, or it can represent study, and often the law.

The 5 of Swords standardly depicts one person holding three swords, with two other individuals in the background, their own swords laying on the ground. The holder of the swords looks smug. The essence behind the 5 of Swords is someone thinks they have the upper hand, but they may shortly be knocked down. In the Spiral Tarot, the figure is on a raft, while the defeated are in the water. The figure is pleased with the outcome, though might just as easily be knocked over into the water as well. It is a card of hubris and arrogance, suggesting that ego will not get you the win you are after, nor the satisfaction.


Numbers: 12/3, 5

It should be noted, while some tarot readers do not assign numbers to the court cards, I do. I view them as a continuation from the 10’s. The Pages then would be 11, the Knights 12, the Queens 13, and the Kings 14.

12/3: The Empress (Earth)


3 - The EmpressThe Threes represent the first shape of stability. When we consider the 1 as the point of origin, the 2 as a connection or harmony between two points, when a third point comes along, there is the first shape. And thus, 3 is equivalent to creation, fertility, and any of the surrounding meanings.

The Empress is the first card of creation in the Major Arcana. She is the emblem of fertility and creation, and what’s more, she is the nurturing aspect that helps things to grow. She is associated with mothers, and thus, mothering qualities. She is feminine energy applied to creation.

5: Hierophant (Earth)


5 - The HierophantThe Fives are the half-way point in the numbers of the tarot, and thus, represent a transition from higher to lower. Transitions are uncomfortable, and can leave us irritable, tumultuous, or lost. This is a time when we begin to question ourselves, those around us, our environment, and as such, we may react negatively. This is why the 5’s in the Tarot have  bad rap, the effect of the transition takes a toll on us, though it is only temporary.

The Hierophant is how we cope with his awkward and uncomfortable change. Traditionally, in the Tarot de Marseille style, the Hierophant was the Pope, as the card represented turning to the church. Thus, while it can represent finding solutions in prayer and spiritual work, it can also represent routine, conformity to societal norms to help steady the path.

Further Numbers: 1 (14+5 =19; 1+9 =10; 1+0 =1)


img_6684.jpg1’s are the seed. They represent the beginning of new things, opportunities, and thoughts. But they are more than just the starting point, they are the thought behind the starting point, the simmering inspiration that gets a person moving. They are the application of the sun and water to the seed laying dormant in the ground, telling it the conditions are right to start growing.

1 corresponds to the Magician, and the Magician is the card of manifestation. He has the tools needed available to him—the wand, the cup, the sword and the pentacle, he only needs to bring them to life, together, and create with them.

The Writing Prompt

Writing Prompt
Aquarian TarotMagician, Knight of Rods (r), 5 of Swords

Your character is the Knight of Wands, and is completely drained in their dayjob (from the fourth pile of the First Operation). They need to get their spark back, and yet can never seem to get on top of things, they are always bested. However, opporunity has arrived, something for them to create, and leaves them in the position to be the one doing the besting.

  • What did your Knight do?
  • Who does the Knight best?
  • Is the besting psychological, work related, emotional, or internal?
  • The theme of the story is earth-based, that is, grafting, working, applying elbow grease, money, wealth and finances.


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