Media Review: Sightsee the Tarot by Benebell Wen (Youtube Playlist)

holistic tarotI think anyone who studies tarot is going to have come across Benebell Wen at some point, and most likely because of her brillinat book, Holistic Tarot, or her stunning deck, Spirit-Keeper’s Tarot.

However, you may or may not have come across her Youtube channel, or her Youtube series, “Sightsee the Tarot.”

This fantastic series walks you through exercises from many other tarotist, showing you step-by-step how they work. sightsee the tarot

The first video starts with the Nine-Card Open Face Spread” which provides an idea of the archetypes of Jung. I’m generally the kind of person who believes that in order for a spread to be effective, then the reader must know the spread before hand. Otherwise, how can the psyche/surrounding energies help to organize the cards so they make sense in the layout?

However, as I went along with the video, pausing when instructed, writing what instructed, and so on, I found a brilliantly accurate video that thrilled me to no end.

I have to say the video that’s stuck with me the longest has been the set on Papus, specifically the second one in whch Wen walks you through Papus’s divinatory aproach as outlined in Tarot of the Bohemians. I have since found myself using this spread repeatedly.

I really enjoy this video series because Wen really makes the effort to personalise her lessons and ensure that the view has ample resources to follow along where needed. There are links in the video notes which go to her website, which supplies free handouts where needed, and any additional support.

I absolutely have to recommend this video series, which thankfully is still on-going. Be sure to give it a go, make sure you have a notebook and pen to take notes, and yoru tarot deck as well.


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