Weird Deck Wednesday: Dystopia and Street Art

Since I’ve been doing so many decks regarding more ‘fluffy’ themes, I thought I’d go the other way, and instead do something along the lines of Dystopia. At least, that was my jumping off point.


This was actually the only deck that I could find that specifically mentioned dystopia, and while it’s mentioned int he description, I woudl say it’s more survivalist-based rather than a specific dystpia.

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Image Credit: Tarot Garden

6It has some interesting takes on some of the cards. The 6 of Swords looks like it’s a preparation to go into the underground bunker, while someone else is on guard. Considering the meaning of leaving a difficult situation, with a difficult journey, though hope is at the end of the tunnel, this is certainly an interesting take.

2The Emperor is a man protecting his own, with burning buildings in the background. The stability in the face of collapse. I think that is quite apt for the card of the Emperor.

The deck is a 2014 US Game Publication by Joe Boginski, and available for purchase on Amazon for the general, in print pricing.

Avalele Street Deck

So looking at dystpia themed things got me thinking of cities, which led me to street art, which is where I came across the oh-so-beautiful, Avalele Street Deck.


The above images were all borroed from Aeclectic Tarot (linked above) as I couldn’t find anywher else that this deck existed other than the Acalele website, from which you can purchase the deck for self-published pricing (totall worth supporting the art and hard work that goes into it) of £35.

Banksy Tarot

This led me to the best tarot deck I’ve come across in the last few days (which is saying a lot), which is the Banksy Tarot. I want this deck so badly, and there are only limited sales.

Image result for Banksy tarot
Image Credit: Las Vegas Weekly

This deck is created by Shilo Lewis, also known as Cooptylew, and the deck is available on the artist’s Etsy Page here, as I write this, for $59. If you ask me, it is totall worth it. Banksy is a global treasure, and to produce this deck is outstanding in my humble opinion.

Also, please check out her blog, it is

Banksy Tarot
Image Credit: CooptyLew

Sorry this is such a short post. There are many factors as to why this is, but non of them are important. I hope you enjoyed this. If you have a theme to suggest for me, let me know! I’d love to know what Weird decks should be featured next Wednesday!

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