Tarot for Writers – Character Development Spread

This is just a quick post for all you writers our there struggling with your character development.

I found this fantastic post by Amanda Patterson on Tumbler who shares a layout to get to know your hero.

Creating Characters Source

This is the layout she supplies, so I thought I would lay the cards out and let you create the character yourself.

As this is a larger spread than my usual writing prompts, I will be only supply key words for the cards laid out. But you are more than welcome and highly encouraged to use your own definitions.

The Reading

Character Development Tarot Reading

Hero: Page f Pentacles

Your hero is younger, perhaps early 20’s at the oldest, of an Earth element and of dark complexion. Their astrological sign might be Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. THey are grounded in their thinking, quite logical about material things, and probably focussed on money or finances. Might be quite upstanding and on their way to being a banker, if they aren’t already.

Dominant Outward Quality: Six of Pentacles

Very generous, though also understands the balance between giving and recieving.

Dominant Inward Quality: The Star

Hopeful, to the point of being a little bit wishful. The Star is ruled by water, and thus there is intuition and emotion involved there.

Goal: The Tower

A shake-up of the foundation of things. There is something that isn’t making your character happy and whether they know it or it is their conscious goal, things have got to tumble downared to be rebuilt.

Motivation: Queen of Rods

The Queen of Rods r Wands is an older woman, a passionate woman. She might be in her mid thirties to mid 50’s. She loves well and nurtures, she is creative and can make anything grow, plants, people, businesses. She is a fire sign, thus might be an Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, and will have red or auburn hair.

Stakes: 2 of Rods

A new buisiness opportunity in growth. The 2 of Wands or Rods is the growing idea, project or personal business, or potentially a new partner or merging of ideas. Either way, it is a growth.

Flaw or Need: Knight of Swords

Your character might be the Knight, or the Knight might be a person in their life who has great influence over them. The Knight of Swords is highly energetic, can be quick-witted but as a result, somewhat of an ass at times. They are on their way to be good public speakers, but likewise, might be involved in the law in some way.

Source of the Flaw: Ace of Pentacles

The Pentacles represent money, and this is the third card int he spread. The Ace can be a new financial opportunity or stream of wealth.

Effect the Flaw has on Reaching the Goal: Nine of Swords

There is a past trama here that is haunting the main character, a deep regret that plays out over and over in your character’s mind.

Let me know what you think of this. I would like to start doing character readings on the weekends to follow the writing prompts on Fridays. If this was helpful to you, let me know. If you ahve a writer in your life that you think would enjoy this, send them a link!