Weird Deck Wednesday: Trees

Happy Ostara! Because of the Equinox, I thought that today’s theme would be trees which are opening up and unfurling their leaves. I am so excited for the green, it has definitely been missed. I feel as though this winter has been particularly long!

Tarot of the Trees

When I searched for tree tarot decks, this was the very first one that came up. It’s beautifully colorful deck, with a child-like wimsy about it. I think this would be a fantastic deck to use during the summer, but also as a family deck, for those looking to pass on the art and practice of tarot to younger generations.

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Image Credit: TarotoftheTrees.Com

This self-published deck is available on their website,, where they also sell a beautifully crafted, unique tarot box to accompany the deck.

Madru: Das Baum Tarot

So be forewarned, this deck is all in German, as it is a German deck. However, I certainly fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.

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Image Credit: Tarot Garden

Published in 2000, this deck shows trees characterized as individuals in stunning artwork. ‘The illustrations are focused on the head and shoulders of the traditional Rider-Waite characters, and each card shows the figure with its associated planetary, zodiac, tree and Hebrew letter,’ says a review on Aeclectic Tarot.

This deck comes with two pieces of bad news:

  1. It is Major Arcana only
  2. It is out of print

I tried having a look in all the usual places–second hand on Amazon, or up for bid on Ebay, but with no luck. Whoever has this deck is holding tight to it.

Tarot of the Secret Forest

I was so happy to come across this deck. There’s a story to it. Maybe ten or 11 years ago, I had this deck and I absolutely loved it. It was just stunning in my opinion. But somewhere along the many moves along all my differnt paths, it went walkies. I thought I might look into the deck again, but couldn’t for the life of me remeber what the deck was called! So I am absolutely thrilled that my hunt for tree-related decks brought me to the forest of tarot, which lead me to the Tarot of the Secret Forest.

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Image Credit: Golden-Letter.Com

These cards have no backs, that is, they are double sided. The dignified versions of the card are in color, while the reversals are the same image in black and white, with broader strokes. For all that the image is the same, the alteration in coloring forces a whole new vibration onto the card. You just have to trust me on it, it’s amazing.

Thankfully this deck is still available for in-print prices, in all the usual places. Do yourself a favor, explore this deck. Jane, I’m talking to you.


Forest FolkLore Tarot


This deck is based around the folklore of England. The images are beautifully portrayed water color pieces, pulling from mytholoigcal beings in local legends.

I have to say, I was quite pleased when I came across this purely for the Knight of Wands…and my enjoyment of chickens.

Published initially in 2004 by US Games, and created by tarot artist Kessia Beverly-Smith, this deck is still available, but is a little rarer, and thus, prices are a reflection of that. You can find it on Amazon, between £50 and £200.

I tried to find some additional information on the artist, though wasn’t really able to find too much other than sites selling her deck.

Image result for forest folklore tarot


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