Tarot Cards for the Equinox and Full Moon in Libra

Happy Spring Equinox for those of you in the Northern Hemosphere! And happy Mabon for those of you in the Southern Hemosphere!

Not only is it an Equinox, but we are also experiencing the energy of the full moon in Libra.

I wanted to talk about a few cards that might be helpful with the energies and messages of the day and for the seasons to come. After the cards, I wanted to share some posts from other voices who can help you celebrate the coming of spring.

Two of Pentacles

Coins - 2.JPG

I think this card is perfect for the Spring Equinox with a full moon in Libra. While the coins correspond generally to the material world, and thus finance, it is also the suit that corresponds to Earth. Right now the earth is waking up and beginning to grow. With the 2’s following the Aces which are the germination of an idea or a spark of energy waiting to be put into action, the 2’s to me also correspond to the first movements toward that action or idea. It is the time of growth, of budding and emerging.

More traditionally, the 2’s correspond to dualism, and balance, which is what the 2 of Pentacles is about–juggling and balancing. This is why I think this card is also quite perfect, as it brings in the balance of the Libra full moon. Take the time to nurture your projects, but be sure to leave time for yourself, keep your realm in harmony. Don’t start too much too soon.

Justice and 2 of Swords

Two of Swords

Both Justice and the 2 of Swords have to do with balancing, with making a decision. Both cards are under the influence of Air, which corresponds to the intellect and communication. Justice is ruled also by Libra, and in the Spiral Tarot, my main deck and the one I lean heavily on, also depicts a full moon at the top of the card.

Rider-Waite JusticeJustice is a card of examining the intentions behind a decision. She weigns a heart on a scale against a feather, looking at the ethics and fairness behind thoughts and actions. Now is a time to do just that. What is the path you’re on? What decisions are you making? Are you making them for the right reason?

The Two of Swords is a lesser version of Justice, though without the ability to see as clearly as Justice. the figure is blindfolded, and must make a decision. She can’t see all the information, yet is pressured to decide anyway.

Justice is number 11 which reduces to 2, another reason why it relates to the 2 of Swords. As we’ve already mentioned, 2 corersponds also to balance and duality, charcateristics of Libra.

Cups - 88 of Cups

This card really can go along with any of the transitions from one season to another. It is the card of leaving something behind in order to gain something greater. This isn’t like the 3 of Swords which calls to leave something damaging behind, but instead the sacrifice of something already enjoyed to carry on. Each season that passes we learn lessons, and each season brings its own beauty. But transitioning to a new season leaves us open for new opportunities and growth.


4 - The EmporerThe Emperor is Aries embodied, and the coming of spring is also the start of Aries on the Astrological Wheel. There is structure forming, there are rules being enforced. This is a time of high force energy, the element of Fire. Fire is passion, creation and growth. Some questions to consider during this time is what is fueling your passion, and are you letting your passions fuel you? What structure is restricting you, but most importantly, what is supporting you?

Other’s Wisdom

I also wanted to include some links from other wonderful bloggers who I follow who have beautifully shared ways to celebrate the arrival of spring–and one for the arrival of autumn for some of you.

Happy fully moon, every one, and happy Equinox!

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