Writing Promt: Good News

Writing Promt - Good News

First Operation

This week I selected the Fool O for the signifier. I chose this because of the aspect of the journey, the open heartedness of the character of the Fool, and the willingness to experience new things.

For the First Operation, I found the Magician in the second pile, the pile of work and finances, which will then be the theme of today’s writing prompt.

Cards Drawn in the Spread

Judgement and Princess of Cups - Spiral Tarot

I put all the cards together, shuffled them, and divided them into the four piles again in the same manner of the First Operation, though instead of looking through the pile for cards, I gave the pile a little bit of a shuffle before drawing two cards from the top. Card 1 (Response) was the Judgement XX and Card 2 (Obstacle) was Princess/Page of Cups.

Card 1: Judgement XX

Simplistically, Judgement is the call of something good. But more than that, it is an announcement of good news. Traditionally depicted as an angel blowing a horn over a sea of people rising in their coffins, it is the call to rise up, and take in the good.

Being a Major Arcana card, this represents an event, something big that has happened to influence the reading, or something big that needs to be considered.

Card 2: Page of Cups

The Pages are young people, generally those with feminine energy. They are also characters of the element of fire, thus denoting passion and ambition. This can be a young woman or a girl with a lusty passion, or someone who is highly intuitive. She might have light brown hair and pale skin, considering physical descriptions, and love intensely, though without the right maturity to love in a healthy manner. She might likely be a Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio.


Numbers: 20/2 (Judgement), 11/2 (Page of Cups=11; 1+1=2)

Note: Depending on the reader, the Court Cards may or may not have a number assigned to them. I personally always subscribed to the notion that their number was a continuation after the 10 of the suit. Thus, the Pages would be 11, Knights are 12, Queens are 13, and Kings are 14.

2: High Priestess (Water)

2 - the hight priestess


Twos: Balance. Relationships. Cooperation. Duality. Choice. Yin and yang. Existence. Experience. A repeating pattern of twos in a reading could indicate an overriding need for love and harmony. Thus, the Seeker’s objective is to find balance (Holistic Tarot by Benebell Wen, p. 433).

The High Priestess is a call to look inward, to develop intuition and to listen to the subconscious. She is shrouded in shadow and mystery, only to encourage shining a light on what isn’t readily seen.

Further Numbers: 6 (20+11=33; 3+3=6)

6 - The LoversSixes:

Spiritual balance. Expression. Emotion. Harmony. Enlightenment. Compassion…A strong desire for acknowledgement, and …the undercurrent motivating the various factors of the Seeker’s situation is simply the feeling of being needed and appreciated (p. 434).

Six corresponds to the Lovers, which can literally mean lovers or marriage, but can also be a difficult choice that must be made. This choice is a matter of the heart and of ethics, rather than a logical choice.

The Writing Prompt

The theme is work and finances, though with the additional emotional/intuitive subtheme running through as well (brought forward by the abundance of water in the reading). The situation presented is good news, but there is a problem: the Page of Cups is the problem. What’s the good news, and why is it a problem? Who is it a problem for?

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