Weird Deck Wednesday: Non-Traditional Decks

I think I have to start this off by saying that by ‘non-traditional’ I mean non-Rider-Waite/Non-Thoth/Non-Tarot de Marseille-based decks. These will be decks that have different suits, different symbolism representing the cards, though will still have the same meanings as traditional decks, and will of course stll stick to the 78-card, Major/Minor Arcana format.

Alcohol Tarot

I thought I would start off with a bit of fun and share the Alcohol Tarot, which depicts photos from the pub scene on each card.

Image result for alcohol tarot

The suits are Beer, Wine, Spirits, and Lagers, which correspond to Wands, Coins, Swords and Cups, respectively. While Aeclectic has a fantastic and detailed description of the deck and provides a link to the author’s site, the link unfortunately takes you to an Asian site without an ounce of English on it.

Related image
Image Credit: Magical Omaha

I had a look around and found it on the US Ebay for $225, on Abebooks for £117, and on Amazon for £377. It’s definitely out of print, and difficult to find. But if you are determined, your pockets are full and your heart is pure, it can certainly be yours.

Transparent Tarot

I spent a good long time look at this deck and then watching videos on it. It’s a deck by Emily Carding, and it is–you guessed it–transparent.

Image result for transparent tarot emily carding

I don’t really find the images anything exciting to look at, artistically. However, the concept behind it is fascinating! The idea is that you have a card, and you place each card on top of one another and thus build a literal picture of your reading.

I have to share a video of it just so you can get the gist of how cool this actually is.

The good news, is that this super awesome deck is totally still available, and easily found. Do yourself a favor and check this one out.

Chaos Tarot

Right, so I have very little to say on this deck. The reason being is that I’m not a mathematician, and I don’t understand it. What’s more, there is very little said on the deck itself. It’s a self-published deck, and has 78 cards. But, well, I’ll let you see why I struggle with this one.

chaos tarot

The Chaos Tarot I think conceptually could be quite interesting. But I wouldn’t know how to go about reading them, wouldn’t even know how to go about telling the cards apart. Though, I suppose that’s why it’s chaos, rather than anything else.

It’s not very well distributed, if the attempt to distribute was present to begin with. That’s fine, I know many an artist who create for their own purposes and not for anyone else’s. But literally, the only images I could find for this deck was on Aeclectic.

Have any suggestions of decks for me to include in my Weird Deck Wednesdays? Let me know!

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