Taken Advice: Card of the Week

Ace of Wands

Last week I posted a question for you, asking whether or not I should divide my posts about each card into segments and spread them out across the week. Essentially, on top of my regular posts, I would also have a tarot card that I focussed on each week, which I would write about each day, in a schedual somewhat like this:

  • Monday – Description of the card from various decks
  • Tuesday – Meditation on the card
  • Wednesday – Looking at the Element, Number, and Suit if applicable
  • Thursday – Looking at specific symbolism within the card
  • Friday – Putting the whole thing together and the divinatory meaning

I had one very kind reader (Thanks Melissa LaFontaine! Totally check out her blog) who shared her thoughts on the matter, and I’ve also done a bit of research from other successful blogs and from blogging advise. Generally, it’s advised that if you’re posting several times a day, to keep your posts to something like 300-500 words per post. I doubt I would get to the point of several times a day, but at least twice a day, I should probably aim for no more than 1200 words per post, at a far reaching max.

That being said, my average Tarot card post hasn’t been too bad, but ranging around the 1900 word mark.

So, I’ve decided I’ll give this Tarot Card Breakd down schedule a try, and see how it works. I would love any feedback you might have for me.

Also, this week’s theme: Ace of Cups. I’ll work my way through the Aces then on to the Magician, then go through the Two’s and onto the High Priestess, etc. It’ll be fun, just you wait.

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