I Have a Question for You

I need your help, or rather, your input.

I’ve been noticing that when I do my tarot card posts, the ones that define and work within an individual tarot card, that the posts end up being quite long. In fact, they usually range between 1,800 and 3,000 words, which is pretty long for a blog post.

I don’t want to neglect to give information. I think it’s quite important that when we are learning about the tarot that we can pick out and notice certain aspects about the cards. While you might not really care what castles in the cards mean at this particular moment, there might come a time when you notice them all the time, and might wonder what their significance is in noticing them.

So the solution that I had in mind was that I might take a post and divide it up and post it throughout the week. Each week would still have a card to focus on, and over the five week days it would be divided into different segments to work with.

I would still be doing my other regular posts such as the Weird Deck Wednesdays, Writing Prompts, Media Responses and so on. But in addition to these, I would be posting about different aspects of the one card, so you would be getting two posts from me a day.

The vague line-up I have of this would be:

  • Monday – Description of the card from various decks
  • Tuesday – Meditation on the card
  • Wednesday – Looking at the Element, Number, and Suit if applicable
  • Thursday – Looking at specific symbolism within the card
  • Friday – Putting the whole thing together and the divinatory meaning

So my questions to you, dear reader:

  1. Are the posts too long to begin with?
  2. Would dividing this up just be too much of an overload on one card, as in, would you look at it each day and think, ‘Are we still talking about the Ace of Wands here?’
  3. Would doing this be too many posts per day?

I really appreciate any feedback you can supply. If you need some examples of past, lengthy posts, you can check these out:

Also, I do plan on giving some form of order to the cards I’m putting out. From here on, they will be Aces, Magician, Two’s, High Priestess, Three’s, Empress, etc.

As I’m getting into the rhythm of blogging, I’m gaining a clearer picture of what I would like to do with this, and how I want it organized. However, I am always open to any suggestions that you have. After all, this is for you more than anything.


  1. Shorter posts make digesting the information a little easier imho. 🙂 otherwise it has kind of pouring water in an already full cup dilemma, you give all the water but there’s no place to capture it (for people who are new to tarot and may not have ready made points of absorption or references). Hopefully that made sense.
    Peace <3

  2. Nicola, I find all your blogs fascinating, you just go with what makes you feel better about your work. Melissa had some relevant points. But you girls are the experts!

  3. Nicola, I find all your work fascinating and will continue to read it. Melissa made some relevant points. But you girls are the experts. Hope you are living the dream! <3

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