Media Review: Tarot for the Wild Soul

I wanted to share my absolutely adoration for this podcast I stumbled upon a few days ago, which I have just binge-listened to since. Tarot for the Wild Soul is hosted by Lindsay Mack, who has been a reader for over 20 years.

I found her podcast, and the first episode I came across was an Ask Lindsay episode, in which she answers questions sent to her. I generally quite like this style of podcast as it shows interaction with the audience, gives different perspectives from others of similar interests, and even if I’ve heard the same question asked a hundred times, each person answering is going to have a different answer, and thus, it fives me a more holistic perspective on the subject matter. Wow, that was a long sentence.

As I listened to her, I found that I was so wrapped up in her voice that I just didnt’ want to turn the podcast off. The first portion of it was informing of events that she had coming up, and it wasn’t until maybe ten or fifteen minutes into it that she got to the questions. She answered deep questions regarding gender and those who don’t fall into a binary group, she answered questions regarding obsessively pulling cards, working with trauma and so much more.

She connected with a part of me that misses the US. As a Washingtonian living in the ‘wilds’ of North Yorkshire (well, in between three big towns), I miss hearing about the messages of the trees generally found off the west coast (or at least, I associate these with the west coast), and I just haven’t really found any one immediately around me who talks about women’s ceremonies, or healing retreats, or dealing with trauma through spiritual and inner work. That isn’t to say that there aren’t those groups around me, but it’s to say that I know how to find them in my home town.

So that is my personal reason for being drawn to this podcast.

In a more universally applicable reason for enjoying this podcast is that she does a series which she interviews individuals who embody the energy of certain cards. So far I’ve listened to the embodiment of the Three of Cups and the Tower–which was a super fascinating listen, as you don’t really consider anyone embodying destruction, at least not in a positive light. Yet, Lindsay managed to not only find someone, but to shine a light on the beauty that is within the Tower’s message.

Lindsay has an easy way of talking about her. She flows like water but at the same time is grounded with earth. She is real, and has an elegantly foul mouth, which is my personal kind of style. If swearing gets you down, this might not be the podcast for you, but I will mention that it isn’t prolific, and happens so seemingly naturally that you might not notice unless you were looking for it.

The Tarot of the Wild Soul Podcast was born of the lessons that Lindsay developed, and still teaches. There is a lot to be gained from this podcast, and I would highly recommend listening to it while out on a walk enjoying the peace or while on a stressful commute. I feel that the messages of her show are welcomed in any environment in which you can be receptive of them.

She offers courses as well, and is a part of retreats. You can read about those linked on her website at the beginning of this post. They’re shockingly affordable as far as online courses go. There is an online one called Trauma for the Tarot which, as I’m writing this, has just opened up, and is running for $44 (USD), with scholarships and payment plans available.

If you dig podcasts, if you don’t dig podcasts, I would highly recommend checking hers out.

Podcast Art by    Chelsea Iris Granger


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