Wednesday Weird Decks: Daffodils and Spring Time

This week I was struggling with a theme for my weird decks, andthen I realized how much I was looking at the daffodils outside. I absolutely love Daffodils. It connects with my love of orange and yellow flowers, my love of spring, my dislike of winter, my love of Wales, and there’s a few childhood memories tucked away in there.

So the theme this week is Daffodils, to set off my Tarot deck search.

Victorian Flower Oracle

Victorian Flower OracleThis was literally the closest thing I could find for this theme. I’m a little disapointed. I’m not generally an oracle fan, so this is a little bit of a side step.

I will say this though, the English side of me, the classic literature side of me that lives in North Yorkshire and finds romance in the idea of the wilds of the Yorkshire Dales and the Moores absolutely adores the images in this deck.

Victorian Flower Oracle 1
Image Credit: MysticHouse.VN

It was published in 2006 by Magic Realist Press (a publisher whose releases I think I might have to explore more of) and created by Alex Ukolov, Karen Mahony, Sheila Hamilton.

Since I yeilded few results regarding Daffodils, I went on to search Spring Time, which of course didn’t yeild any results of actual decks because who makes a deck based on one season? Surely the very essence of the suits depicts all the seasons?

(The answer is yes it does. Wands = Spring, Cups = Summer, Swords = Autum, Coins = Winter)

It did however lead me to a forum in which someone asked what decks to use in the sping.

The Idiosyncradeck

This was the first deck that someone recommended, and I could NOT find it on Aeclectic–which is an absolute first for me. That site has EVERY deck that’s ever been published, traditionally and independantly. However, a quick image search allowed me to find pictures of it, but little information.

Image result for Idiosyncradeck
Image Credit: Redbubble

However, I did find a Youtub Video about it:

Granted, this is a video that is a opening box video (if you don’t know what those are, it’s literally people getting stuff in the mail, and filming themselves opening the box. I don’t get it–I don’t judge it, but I don’t get it. Whatever floats your boat). However, this video allowed me to discover that it’s Jessica Bolt, and that it’s out of print.

The video also shows the Fool, and I do have to agree, that the Fool is a beautiful depiction (but I also have a love of Dandelions along side of Daffodils). If you want to see all of the cards, watch the video from about the 5 minute mark onward, and you’ll see all the cards of the deck.

I can’t find anywhere that is selling this deck, but I did discover that the artist’s go-by name is CrackedAmethyst and you can find them on their own website and on Etsy as well. They currently have a CrackedAmythis Oracle deck out.

Dreaming Way Tarot

I saw quite a few people on this forum recommend the Dreaming Way Tarot, so I thought I’d have a look at that one as well.

It is a rider-Waite traditional deck, and looks to be of pen and water color. I personally quite like it. hte Aeclectic Tarot page describes it as playful, and I really do think that is just the right word for it.

Image result for dreaming way tarot

Not only is this a deck that I think I might consider owning, but it contains my OTHER favorite flower: the Sun Flower (Winner! all three of my favorite flowers mentioned in one post!). I also absolutely adore that the Page of Cups is pouring into her own cup. I just think that is beautiful.

Right, so this deck is in print, and was published in 2012 by US Games. It can be found online on Amazon. The creators are Rome Choi, Kwon Shina, the latter of which also created the Dreaming Way Lenormond.

I definitely see how this is a spring time deck.


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