Final Outcome: The Future is Not Pre-Determined


In the Introduction, I started off by saying that tarot is not a fortune-telling device. I would like to extend that very explicitly and tell you, dear reader, that nothing read in the cards is set in stone.


We are not pre-determined beings

We might be pre-set to certain dispositions, but at the end of the day, we are in the position to make our own decisions, to open our eyes to the messages and signs around us and to alter our courses accordingly.

Astrology is the same way. We are not pre-destined beings. We are born with certina dispositions that can be indicated within our astrological or numerological natal chart, but at the end of the day, we are able to make our own decisions about our actions. The key is being able to know about the things we are dispositioned toward so that we can avoid those situations.

An Example, or Two

I used an example of my experience with the Lenormand in the Introduction, which told me of a car wreck. Had I put more thought and paid more attention to the message, I might have understood that it was me that was to be in the wreck, and driven more carefully, had my tyres and brakes checked, or avoided driving at all.

Neptune Conjunction
Neptune Conjunction Sun, Neptune Conjunction Moon

Alex, before they knew anything about astrology or numerology, could see that they might be likely to have a disposition toward alcoholism. Both of their parents are alcoholics, which is a strong indicator. Once they began dabbling in various chart reading methods, the same theme came up again and again of alcoholism within their health sections.

So that sealed it for them. They made strict rules to adhere to, never drinking when they are upset, angry, sad, etc., never drinking more than a couple nights in a row, and if there is a long binge of drinking, making sure that there is at least a couple of weeks until a drop of alcohol is touched again. Now, nearing 40, they can say that they haven’t fallen into the trap of alcohol abuse. Of course they know that it’s an ongoing thing, that alcoholism can befall anyone at any time, so they stick to their rules.

Final Outcome

Whenever I read for another person, when I turn over the ‘final outcome’ card, I always preface it with the disclosure that it is only the most likely outcome if everything shown in the reading stays the same. That is because the querent is always in the position to change the outcome.

We might not be able to help the events that occur around us, but we can control how we react and handle situations and events. That is why you set your own fate.

Listen to the messages in the cards. Hear the things you don’t want to hear about yourself in readings, and know that in order to change what you don’t like, you have to listen to it first.



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