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If you’ve found yourself here, it will be for at least one of these reasons:

  1. You’ve heard about Tarot and want to see what it’s about
  2. You’re already a tarot enthusiast, and thus might enjoy the Blog
  3. You’re a Writer

This website is divided into three sections, addressing each of these interests. Click on any of the above links to jump to the corresponding section of the page.


Ace of Pentacles

Tarot is not just a set of cards that answer our questions, but they are a tool to enhance self-development. They help us see the things we need to learn that we aren’t acknowledging, the places where we need to grow, and point to that which we need to release. If used right, a deck of Tarot cards can be our most trusted companion, that friend who will never lie to us, even when we don’t want to hear what they have to say.

The cards can be our moral compass, our grounding under our feet, and our source of inspiration.

This is the reason why this website is here. It is to help you get to know the cards so that you can get to know yourself.

Some helpful starting areas: 



The blog is for those of you who are already interested in Tarot and are looking for a different take on the cards. The beauty of Tarot is that it’s like art. We all might be looking at the same apple and vase, but each artist is going to have a different way of painting it. Reading Tarot is the exact same.

I strongly believe that Tarot is an art that we all participate in, and I like to share the views of others, read widely, and learn, always. On weekends I share posts from other blogs or websites, on Thursdays I review tarot-related media, and on Wednsedays I share the fun Tarot decks I come across.

I spend a week going over each card, dividing it up between the five weekdays, looking at different depictions of a card, the symbolism, colors, numbers behind them, the suit/element of a card, and providing a meditation to work with the card.

For Writers

Tarot for Writing

While Tarot has been a practice of mine for 15 years, writing has had my heart since I can remember. Thus, the Tarot has been a very useful tool in my writing practice, and I want to share tat writing practice.

I post writing prompts with the cards, providing the card meanings and what I think the prompt is that can be read from the cards. I also provide different spreads for writers to try out on their own.

Some helpful links:

Additionally, I offer Tarot Readings. Please send me an email via my Contact Page and I can give more details as to what I offer.

Furthermore, I am also a writing coach of Natural Writer Coaching. I work with the Tarot to help writers move through their blocks and get their novels outlined, written, revised, edited, polished and ready to submit.